Backyard Garden

This is the first year I have grown a garden. Living here in the south I was always asking my friends for okra, squash, etc… I decided to give it a try this year and not have to ask anyone for any fresh garden food. I have, over the years helped both of my grandparents with their gardens. I planted what I like to eat. Squash, okra, tomatoes, peppers, watermelon, lima beans, cucumbers, and carrots. I love butter beans and okra. I planted the Fordhook Lima beans as a bush plant instead of a pole climber. I did two rows of beans one being the baby lima. My squash is straight neck summer. I did 36 plants of squash. I love it so be it. Good thing because I had a storm take out about ten plants this spring. I have 18 tomatoes most being the early girl and better boy variety. I have six rows of okra. My rows are twenty feet long. My main garden is 20X20.  I have also panted carrots, peppers, watermelon, cucumbers, and cantaloupes.Around the end of May

I got a late start this year because of the weather.  I put most of my seed in and did my transplanting on the 15th of May.  I live in zone 7 on the planting guide map.  It is near the end of June now and I have had three “pickings” of my squash.  I have had a few ripe tomatoes which, is bragging right if you can get some to come in before the 4th of July.

Updated Current Pic

As you can see a lil’ over a month and things are looking green and lush.  When I tilled this ground it was just grass and the soil was dark and rich.  I didn’t do any ph testing I just planted and ran with it.  This will get bigger next year as I plan on adding other plants.  Potatoes and corn being my main ones.  This is 400 square feet and I have found it easy to work and keep the weeds out.  I plan to double that next year and move where I planted things around.  I used the fence between my neighbor to run the cucumbers up.  I also put a sweet 100 tomato and two bell peppers in front of them with a watermelon and cantaloupe in just because I could.  There is some kind of joy I get from doing this that is hard to explain and it is a kin to hunting or catching a big bass.  I hope my green thumb continues to produce and I thank my grandparents for those genes.

  Red ripe tomato from a couple of weeks ago.  Squash and banana peppers.

Today’s harvest of more squash and my first peppers.

July 1st harvest with more squash and Peppers

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