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This new blog asked me or gave me the option to put up a link for donations to a charity.  I picked The Surfrider Foundation.  I had done  some research earlier and came across some videos they had put out about the Gulf oil spill last year.  They were really doing some work as it appeared and were discovering some facts I wasn’t hearing on the MSM.   I searched them on Charity Navigator to get their rating.  I didn’t like it.  However they are actually providing a service with what their mission is.  I don’t live by a beach and am some 300 miles from the Gulf coast.  My state does have some beachfront and I have visited there several times in my life.  So you decide for yourself who you wish or not to give your money to.  I personally haven’t given a dime to one in years.  Always check your recipient of your donations for costs to “give” ratio.  Some will surprise you!  Also I like to see how much the “CFO” is making in a salary.  Surfrider’s top man is bringing in nearly 200k.  That is is salary I do not know of any perks such as housing and transportation he may receive.  You don’t have to give a dime to anybody.  I am just saying why I put their link up on this blog.

I will continue to support Surfrider by word of mouth as who to donate to.  I just don’t have the extra change to do so.  There are a few that rate better at what they do and here is a list of the top performers in Surfrider’s line of work.  The quality of the material in the video I saw was excellent.  I would like to see more of that on a whole in reporting the condition of our enviroment.   That is the main point that I like about this charity is the awareness they bring to our oceans and beaches.   I can remember when I was a kid I could drink water straight out of the ground at certain springs.  I would be real scared to do the same thing now.  My family property has two under-ground natural springs and would not drink from them now and they are far away from any type of factory or industrial areas.  I have never tested the water so I am just being on the safe side.

Charity Name Overall Score Overall Rating
Galveston Bay Foundation – TX 63.74 4 star
Baykeeper – CA 55.57 3 star
Chesapeake Bay Trust – MD 65.83 4 star
Surfrider Foundation – CA 55.34 3 star


Clean Ocean Action – NJ 66.99

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