The Wicked Garden

I think my garden is wicked. It let me think I knew what I was doing in the beginning during planting and with the first of the blooms and fruit. Now I have went through the wet rot, Jap beetle, a few worms in the tomatoes, and now my cucumbers are turning its leaves yellow. Not so fast on my green thumb award. I hate to even lose one squash so the idea of a whole plant is going to drive me crazy. I have 8 cuke plants a long the fence of my neighbor and me. They started out great and started blooming and lil’ cukes are all over it. Now half of each plant has yellow and brown leaves. I water regularly and not too much and not too little. I hope. This gardening has almost taken over my life. I am in the garden early every morning looking and working on what I think needs to be done. I am virtually weed free and have some fertile looking soil, real dark and my seeds jumped out of it to form plants earlier than the seed packs said it should take to germinate.

Yellowing Leaves On The Cucumber Plants

You can see what I hope is a healthy cuke in this pic.(A little crooked)   You can also see the yellowing of the leaves.  This is happening on all eight of my plants.  I have four of the  burp less variety and four regular plants.  It is an ongoing struggle this wicked garden of mine.  Everyday something new to tackle.  It is a great learning experience and I will continue this endeavor and hope to become a backyard master.  I’m going to let these babies go and do what they are gonna do.  I’m thinking they need nitrogen and the only feeding I give them is a weekly dose of miracle grow plant food.  Just google yellow leaves on cucumbers and you can get lost with all the causes.  I am just leaning on the low nitrogen levels.  I haven’t started composting yet and I plan on doing that this fall and winter.  It will take the place of feeding for the most part.

A Week Ago

They looked a lot better a week ago.  They have really taken off and are at the top of this fence now.  I have added the coffee grinds we have been saving today to try and boost the nitrogen level a bit.  I put it around all of my plants and mixed it about two inches deep as this will help add nitrogen directly to the plant.  This is an “organic” way of feeding and time will tell if this helps with the yellowing leaves.  I hope it does.  I hope it rains soon also.

7/9/11 Harvest

As you can see the cukes look slim and sickly.  I have decided that my neighbors pool is the cause for the terrible cucumber plants.  Her pool when backwashed overflows into the cucumber patch.  It is a salt water pool.  She has had to backwash it several times in the past few weeks and I noticed the last time it was flowing through these plants.  I will move these next year or build a diversion around them.

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