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Watering Schedule

Posted in Gardening with tags , , , , on June 27, 2011 by drduhgylie

Squash is often affected by a Fungal infection called Choanephora Wet Rot.  It is caused by the fungus Choanephora invading the squash flower.  As the flower sets fruit the fungus grows and destroys the fruit.  Since the fungus enters the fruit in the flowering stage there are not sprays or treatments that are practical to prevent the infection.  Flowers open daily and at different times so spraying would be next to impossible to be effective.  I seem to have been affected by this by the daily watering that took place in the recent hot and dry spell we had earlier this month.  I was getting up and in the garden at daylight every morning and watering cause the days I didn’t I had some plants try to wilt on me.  Then the rains came and I had to back off last week and this is still a problem.  I have been told not to water at night because of this very thing so I did it in the morning.  The thing is when it started raining it really started raining.  Almost everyday for a week now.  After some quick research I found out my squash had bloom rot and this is the version that hit me.  I also have had some squash turn green as a result of the plants being sick from this.  However, it is still tasting great and is safe to eat.  I usually fry my squash and really don’t like it any other way.  In time and when the weather gets back to a more normal watering schedule of its own things should be ok.  I have kept the weeds out and feed my plants weekly and they do look great!  I have harvested about 30 nice and tasty squash already and my tomatoes are really looking good.  I also have my okra blooming and cukes too.  So I’m not really going to let this upset me and this will run its course.  Just an update on what is going on in the backyard today.

Wet Rot

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