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Gettin’ It Started

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Last week I put 60 or so seeds in the starter cups. These are my tomatoes for the backyard garden this year. I doubt all will make to the transplanting date. Last year I was a few weeks late on getting started. I also didn’t start any tomatoes from seed last year and did all transplants. I intended to change that this year and put sixty “Better Boy” Heirlooms in some starter soil.  They are all in an easy to maintain, mini greenhouse I picked up at a local hardware store. I have twelve “spots” left to start something else and may try squash, however it is awful early for those.  The weather we are having is extremely mild for Jan. ( Thus far, only five  of the 24 days of this month have had an average temperature below the seasonal normal.   We’ve been as warm as 69 degrees back on the 16th  and 22nd.  We are running about 10 degrees above normal through the 23rd.) I still expect February to be a cold month and we usually have most of our snows next month.   I am hoping to get most of the garden in the ground by the middle or late part of April this year. I waited till the second week of May last year.

Seed Green House

These will go in the ground around April 15-20th this year.  I will also buy a few plants that are already started and plant them too.  One will do better to “stagger” your planting, so your fruit will come in at different times.  Last year we had all of ours come in and then we had nothing left.  Being part of that market patch was a big help.  It allowed us to can several jars of salsa and put up some pickled green ones.  The pickled green ones are great.  They are kinda hot and pepper like and go good with a cheese and cracker or with a mess of peas and cornbread.  I also may to try and start some squash early this year,  as I have a sun room on the back of my house and it’s great for bringing in or starting plants.

Sun Room

It looks dark in that pic and it was right after daylight when I took it.  However, the room is filled with light after about 10 a.m. here.  Right outside that window are what is left of last years garden and if it will dry up I plan on getting rid of last years remnants.   I guess this milder than normal weather has me ready to start the garden project.  Really it’s weeks away.  !!!!!!UPDATE I DID GET THE OKRA STALKS AND ALL OTHER REMNANTS OUT OF THE GARDEN SPOT!!!!!!!

If you haven’t started your seeds yet, especially for the tomatoes, you might want to get to it.  I’m planning on that 4th of July mater sandwich.  (Bragging rights)  I have a small heater keeping the soil and seeds warm.  They need to stay as close or above 70 deg.  as possible.  It dips below that in my sun room over night, but it is the warmest place in the house on a sunny day.  At least 10-15 degrees warmer than the rest of the house.

I would like to thank the makers of this E- How Video

Click here for E-How’s You tube channel

Visit this site is filled with information on gardening and is one of the most comprehensive sites out there!!!

*******************UPDATE****************  The seedlings have sprouted as of yesterday******************************** I will post pics soon.  Most if not all have came up.  (I haven’t counted them yet)


These are the sprouts.  All but two came up.  Not Bad!!!

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