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The tomato is very popular in a backyard garden. I planted twelve plants in my backyard garden. Mostly I planted the Better Boy variety with one Cherokee Purple and one Sweet 100. I was proud to say I had some ripe ones before the 4th of July. The majority of them will be ripe in the next few days as most are just now turning. It looks like they will all “come in” at the same time. The Sweet 100, a cherry type, will be a little later as they got planted at the first of June. The 100 is mostly used in salads. I didn’t start any from seeds and bought my plants at a local store then transplanted them into the garden. I plan to start them from seed next year and plant more than I did this year.

The Waiting Game

I don’t really care for tomatoes that much.  I like fried green ones and I can eat a garden fresh ripe one on a hot day with mayo and cheese on white bread.  I usually ask for these to be left off my burgers when I order one out.  The wife really likes them and can eat them like an apple right out of the garden.  The ones in the above pic are all Better Boys.  The Cherokee Purple was supposed to turn purple or blackish when ripe but the ones that have ripened so far have just been red.

A Couple Of Ripe Better Boys 7/1/11

I am also partners with a friend on a much bigger tomato patch and we plan to sell them.  There are over three hundred plants in this patch at a secret location.  These also have had some ripe ones before the 4th and are really doing well and turning red as we speak.  We are selling 25lb boxes and are asking $20 for these.  Which is under a dollar a pound and cheaper than your local grocery store.

The Market Patch

These are mostly the Better Boy variety in this market patch.  It is a lot of work but it is fun.  I wish I had started planting a garden years ago.  As I have said before I did this as a kid (helping with a garden) but decided to go for it this year.  I have had some set backs but over all it has been a good year.  I had early blight and a few undesirable bugs but that is to be expected when growing a garden.  I just over plant and hope for the best and use what friends and family have told me they have had success doing.

I also pick sucker leaves just about every morning.  These leaves are small and sprout between two branches in the “V”.  This helps with overall plant health and circulation of air in an otherwise bushy environment.  You can also stick these in some soil and they will produce roots and make another plant of its own.  I have done that this year and I really don’t know what to do with them.  I have three in a pot that I put there about a month ago and they are doing very well and are producing new growth.  They are still really small and I doubt they will “make” anything before the first frost.  I have thought about bringing them inside and seeing if I can get them to bloom and make over the winter in the sun room.

Sucker Leaves

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